Friday, 23 December 2011

Dec 23: Ski Day 11, and Christmas presents to us

Vert: 7,755 m   YTD cum vert: 53,230 m
Runs: 16    YTD cum runs: 142

KC and I took the last 3 days to give ourselves a Christmas present and finally move us (and our cat) into our new house, spending our first night here a mere 129 days after we took possession. There is still much to do. Ignoring our art (about 20 unpacked boxes), we still have at least a dozen boxes not yet unpacked. Despite the construction of a new bedroom closet...
Red doors. Cool. stuff still resides in 3 different chests of drawers and now 4 closets. We still have much to organize, despite adding an entry closet this week, too.
The new Pax wardrobe/front closet -- already full
The hardwood in the little bathroom looks great.
Still work to be done, but the floor rocks
The living room with furniture looks much better than without furniture.
We still have lots to do. There's boxes to unpack, clothes to organize, a kitchen to re-arrange, lights to get and install, lights to replace, a kitchen to re-work, art to unpack and hang, a West Wing to clear out, and much, much more. But...
We    Are    Now   Home
To celebrate, we took a day off to go skiing, a snow report for which can be seen on my other blog here.

I'm SnowHosting tomorrow, again Tuesday and next Friday. Christmas is always busy on the hills with guests from all over the world. Today we rode chairs with folks from Denmark, Birmingham and San Diego.


Edwin said...

WOW Congrats on moving in! I'm sure you'll love living there!

Astrid said...

Looks amazing and homey (if that is a word). Love the bathroom hardwood with the mixed grain...