Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ski Day 1: Just a taste

Vert: 1,550 m
Runs: 3

This will be but a brief update as it is late and I am up early in the AM.

Saturday was my first day as a SnowHost at Sunshine Village, and as expected, it was an orientation/training/paperwork day. Your first day with new companies is always spent filling in forms and listening to managers, and Sunshine is no exception. But I also got a look see into all the back offices, and got tours through the Infirmary, Mountain Operations, all the rental places, and offices inside cubbyholes I never knew existed. Very cool, and I'll say, man, are the "offices" these folks use tiny. For instance, all the SnowHosts share a space the size of a broom closet.

Since my on-hill time was mostly orientation, we only took two runs to talk about on-hill tour planning and execution. I have posted a more detailed review of the ski conditions over on my other blog at, but I didn't have time when I wrote it to post pictures.
The terrain park, still a ways from opening 
The top half of Divide, in pretty nice shape 
A fuzzy Quartz Ridge from the top of Divide.
I had to run into Calgary tonight, and much to my surprise, ran into a huge blizzard just outside of the city. It dumped on the city for several hours, leaving me with about 6" of snow on my car, then I drove back through the same raging blizzard to get home. The roads sucked both ways, and I don't think I broke 80 km/hr all the way.

Tomorrow is my first actual SnowHosting workday. Should be fun!

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