Friday, 16 December 2011

Ski Day 8: More powder, and a brief house update

Vert: 5,180 m    YTD cum vert: 34,040 m
Runs: 19    YTD cum runs: 102

We were late arriving today as we spent some time at home trying to get half-decent tickets for Coldplay through the various pre-sales I knew were on. I had lots of opportunities to get nosebleed seats. Big whoop.

So we got to the hill just before lunch, and there was still plenty of powder around from the snow that fell last night. We arrived at 11:15 and parked closer than we ever do when we get there at 8:45 on a Saturday. So at least one reason there was still a lot of powder around was a lack of crowd. Gotta love mid-week skiing.
KC crashing the trees 
Me coming out of the trees
See my other blog at for a full snow report.

A House Update:

I should have taken pictures yesterday, as the hardwood was installed in the living room, and they started putting it down in the bathroom, too. We move the couch and some other living room furniture from the West Wing to the house, and checked to confirm that my furniture layout that works on paper will in fact work in real life. Today, hardwood installation was to have been completed. All that is now left is a bit of touch up painting, one missing light fixture, and the re-installation of the toilet that was removed to install the hardwood.

We sorted out the plan to move everything else from The West Wing to the house, and we will be installed by the evening of December 22nd. I ski the 23rd, and SnowHost the 24th, so our Christmas present to ourselves is to spend the first nights in our new home.

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