Monday, 12 December 2011

Ski Day 6: Chilly powder

Vert: 7,295 m    YTD cum vert: 22,730 m
Runs: 20    YTD cum runs: 66

Finally a "full" day of skiing, after several abbreviated days.

It snowed on Sunday but we chose to skip skiing and work on the house. It was overcast with no viz anyway, and according to the radar I kept looking at, most of the snow was falling to the east anyway. For instance, at the West Wing, we probably had 8 cm; at our house 10 min up the road, it was more like 4 cm. But the snow crept into the mountains as the afternoon progressed yesterday according to the radar, and Sunshine was reporting 7 cm on the report this AM. Plus, it was another bright blue sky day. Hmmn... blue sky plus powder? A good combo.
Acres of fluff
A small cloud kept wrapping itself around the top of Divide. It wasn't thick enough to spoil the viz, and it made for some very nifty runs.
Riding the chair up into it 
The view from in it 
Down into the gray 
KC crashing turns below it
We found tons of untracked powder all day, with depths ranging from 5 cm to 10 cm. Looks like it fell with very little wind, as there was no buildup near any snowfence I saw.

The only downside to 5-10 cm is that it can hide hazards without giving them enough coverage to be safe. Accordingly, we hit some rocks today. In addition, it felt pretty cold. It was only -13° to -8° in the afternoon, which isn't cold in my books. But it sure felt chilly.

Last night up on the hill was the Sunshine Staff Christmas Party. I thought about going but chose not to for various reasons. Everyone I talked to today all really enjoyed it, and said they did a great job with the food and the party itself. Next year.

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