Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ski Day 5: Real SnowHosting

Vert: 4,410 m    YTD cum vert: 15,435 m
Runs: 15    YTD cum runs: 46

So my first day SnowHosting was a training day. My second day was filling in for others on training, and was only a half day fill for the morning. Today was my first real day.

I started this morning at the Map Board in the Village. I was really glad we skied yesterday, as the primary questions we get there are "where's the best conditions?" and "I'm rusty and would like to start somewhere easy". So for 2 hrs, I helped folks plan their day to get the best conditions, getting time for a one run break.
Early AM on Strawberry
At 11 it's lunch for us at the Staff Cafeteria, since at 11:45 it's time to start gathering for tours. We had a couple of tour groups today, so we went on a 2½ mountain tour showing off powder stashes and the best routes around the mountain to some guests in from Denmark.
World Cup Downhill 
Top of Angel 
Tin Can Alley looking at why Goat's Eye isn't open
At the end of the tour, I got 15 minutes off to warm up at Goat's Eye Garden before it was time to head to Jackrabbit.

Our job there is the prevent people getting mad at us. Despite 2 signs there, a lot of folks don't know how to access the ski out, and it's our job to point them in the right direction (while stopping them from going on runs that look like the ski out but are in fact uphill slogs that involve walking. People who have to walk uphill get mad at us. Especially snowboarders). So for an hour from 3 to 4, I helped about 300 guests find their way down, re-connecting with some of the people I helped at the map board this morning.

Then it was a patrol run down the ski out, where I found downed signage to fix and stranded guests who were walking down the ski out to help.

My day started at 8:15 and I finally got back to the parking lot at 4:20. Now I'm weary.

But it was fun.

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