Monday, 19 December 2011

Ski day 10: Powder again

Vert: 6,800 m    YTD cum vert: 45,475 m
Runs: 14    YTD cum runs: 126

We were in Calgary on Sunday and missed a day of dumping snow. I'm OK with that now since I can go get it on Monday. And while the weekend warriors got most of the fresh lines, there were still a few to go around, like these in Bye Bye Bowl.
There's a rock band in the middle, but it's otherwise great
KC and I both had separate huge crashes today. I went barreling into a powder field and wasn't aware of the lip on the entrance; I took air and planted it doing about 40 km/hr. KC was coming down on the right side of the photo above and got caught in a track and tumbled in the deep powder. Took her a while to get up, too.

See my other blog for more photos and a better snow report.

The next few days are moving days for us. Tomorrow, we have to go back to town to get some stuff, then we spend Wednesday & Thursday moving out of the West Wing and into the house. I'll post some photos Wednesday of the hardwood repairs.

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