Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ski Day 9: Windy

Vert: 4,635 m   YTD cum vert: 38,365 m
Runs: 10    YTD cum runs: 112

Man, it was blowing stink today up at Sunshine. The winds at Kananaskis Ridgetop at 7 AM had already broken 135 km/hr. Today was a SnowHost day for me, and I worked the ticket and stairs area for a few hours, then got some runs off the newly opened Goat's Eye that were soft just like velvet. But this afternoon, chairs closed like storm doors in the winds. We didn't have any tour customers this afternoon, so we did touring practice (I did OK, but made one mistake in picking a gathering point).

KC fought for an hour to get Coldplay tickets this morning while I was off having fun working.  She now dislikes Ticketmaster as much as I do.

See photos from today on the hill at my other blog here.

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Edwin said...

Wow, love the other blog as well greetz from one overly bussy follower!